What we plan to achieve with this development.

Conscious that the land is kindly leased to us by Cork County Council we have endeavoured to take a broad perspective on what is required for the wider community and not just the soccer club. The result of these consultations locally are the following plans-

  1. Improved soccer facilities (changing rooms and training pitch).
  2. Community Room for Summercove, Kinsale and surrounding areas
  3. Shared toilet facilities, access road, parking etc.

Improved soccer facilities

We have received substantial funding from Sports Capital and the FAI toward the development of the sporting facilities including changing rooms and one or two half sized pitches

  1. The pitches adjacent to the Community Room will act as an outdoor space for birthday parties, team building exercises and other outdoor activities which will enhance the value of the community room.
  2. The changing rooms will allow us to facilitate both male and female teams using the facilities at the same time.
  3. The new pitch sizes are designed to facilitate training and matches for teams up to under 12s.
  4. This will also allow us to have our academy players (over 180 boys and girls) at the club for training and games – they are currently scattered across many other locations and can find it difficult to get pitches.
  5. Increased playing space will allow us to increase playing numbers locally. If even one training pitch were to be an All-weather it would greatly increase the options for teams and in particular for academies.

Charlesfort Community Room

The Summercove area does not have any community room which could be used by local families, clubs, community groups or businesses. In addition, the greater Kinsale area does not have a public community room with appropriate IT facilities for meetings, training etc. The spectacular location and the lack of a local community room meant that such a development in conjunction with the changing rooms was definitely the best option for the whole community.

In order to protect the sensitive local environment and facilitate planning the new clubhouse has been designed to blend into the landscape and yet maximise the incredible views from the Community Room. The final design is simple and elegant and a brief visit to this spectacular site will make it clear to anyone why we are confident that the Community Room will be in huge demand.

Since we first suggested developing a community room it has become apparent that many clubs and organisations in the wider Kinsale area are very interested in the potential of this facility for their organisations. We have approached and been approached by many local groups who are interested in using this facility and have received numerous letters from local organisations supporting the development and expressing interest in using the facilities (Appendix 1)

We have designed the clubhouse to be wheelchair accessible and disability aware with

    • Accessible toilets
    • Accessible parking spaces
    • Accessible signage
    • Evacuation plan for emergencies.
    • Appropriate surface and lighting around the building
    • No internal steps
    • Doors of appropriate width

It is very important to the soccer club to ensure that the development is utilised to the maximum. The club itself is likely to use the Community Room occasionally but we anticipate that 95% of the use of the Community Room will not be soccer club related. The room and associated facilities will be available to all local community organisations, businesses, state enterprises, schools and clubs. We plan to provide the room to voluntary and non-profit organisations at zero cost (a nominal cost may be necessary to encourage responsible use!).

We believe that the Community Room and the associated facilities given the design and location will be hugely attractive once completed. Potential groups include small tourist businesses on “The Wild Atlantic Way”, local businesses in Kinsale looking for break out space or meeting space, Yoga/Art/Pilates groups and local families and groups having smaller event like parties, AGMs etc. You need only stand on the site to appreciate the instant appeal.

Toilet facilities.

The only toilet facilities at Madden Park currently consist of a portaloo. There are no public toilets on the Eastern shore of Kinsale Harbour which is a hugely popular walking area due to the seaside path leading from Scilly to Charlesfort and on to Preghane Point which is over 5 kilometres of spectacular scenery.

Access road, parking

The entrance to Madden Park is from “The Terrace” which is the main access for tourists coming to Charlesfort. This makes it a very busy road for both cars and buses. There is no off-road parking along this narrow road and there are often cars parked on the verge on both sides making the road into a single lane traffic jam and a huge risk particularly for young players at match times.

We will provide vehicular access from the quieter road beyond Charlesfort and off road parking for the club members. However, in addition we will provide an access road, parking and turning point for those visiting the adjacent Trinity Well as there is no parking for this currently and the track into it is not passable for any vehicle. We will provide overflow parking for Charlesfort events where the traffic can often be chaotic.

We have broken the overall development into 2 main Phases due to the financial constraints on the club.

Phase 1 involves the development of the Building and Associated works. The building incorporates both the changing rooms and the community room.

Phase 2 involves the development of training pitches. We hope to have at least one all weather training pitch. SIS the company who do the majority of all-weather pitch developments have done a site assessment and provided us with a quotation for this development.

Project Funding

Phase 1 The Building


Cost Changing Rooms, Community Room and associated works €500,000 +VAT (€567,500)

Phase 2 – The training pitches


1 x grass-based training pitch €25,000

1 x all weather training pitch €200,000

Phase 1 Funds in Place

Sports Capital Grant for changing rooms €85000

Cork County Council €20000

FAI Grant for changing rooms €4000

FAI Grant 2018 -2027 for changing rooms €10,000/year x 10 years (Total €100,000)

Club Funds in Place €29000

Proceeds of Winagaff €171000

Further Pledges in place €10000

LEADER grant for Community Room €150000

TOTAL €479000

Loans and Bridging Finance

We have been approved by Clann Credo for a 10 year loan of €100,000 against the FAI grant and for Bridging Finance of €150,000 against the Leader Grant.

FUNDING SHORTFALL €567500-€478000 = €89500

While we have adequate funds to complete the Clubs section of the development, we are short of funds to complete the “Community Room”. We have discussed this with Clann Credo and they are willing to loan us a further €85,000 if we can provide evidence that funds are available over a defined period to cover this loan in a similar manner to the FAI 10 year grant. We need the support of local businesses to help to get this important project across the finishing line.

We would be very happy to recognize the support of all our major sponsors and offer many options in how to do this including -

  • Naming rights for pitches
  • Naming rights for changing rooms
  • Naming rights for community room
  • Naming rights on our Patrons Board in the new Community Room
  • Naming Rights for club teams, tournaments and summercamps.
  • Recognition on our website and social media platforms

NB - The club has status for Income Tax Exemption under Section 235 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997, Games and Sports Section, Revenue Reference GS 3497.